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We are very proud to announce a partnership with one of the finest Great British Brands; Wedgwood, in a move that will bring an elevated and modern dining experience to the very heart of Staffordshire.


Our exciting vision sets out to create a modern fine dining experience within the picturesque village of Barlaston. ‘Lunar’ will celebrate Staffordshire’s finest seasonal offerings and showcase  some of the county’s leading culinary talent.


The Lunar Society was the social network of the eighteenth century bringing together some of the most forward thinking minds of the time, it was the heart of the Midlands Enlightenment.  Josiah Wedgwood, a key member, was a pioneer in many fields, both within the pottery industry and as a social reformer.

Lunar and Wedgwood is a partnership bound by history, craftsmanship and innovation and when the dinner club opens this summer it promises something very special indeed.

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